Sanitize and protect against viruses with an interactive digital display.

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Sanitize and protect against viruses with an interactive digital display.

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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

 Kiosk with Digital Display

  • Free Standing

  • Wall Mounted

Keep customers healthy and informed. With wall-mounted and freestanding displays available, DOOH Media Solutions Hand Sanitizer Kiosks can be located wherever you and your customers require it. 

Introducing… The DOOH Media Digital Hand Sanitizer

A lot has changed over the last year, both within our business and the world as a whole. Every day brings new challenges, but with them exciting opportunities for us to help our customers and partners realize their goals and aspirations through the marriage of technology and healthcare. In today’s world, customers are acutely aware of hygiene best practices wherever they are. Our fully integrated digital signage display and touchless automatic sanitizer dispenser enables you to provide a vital service for customers while reinforcing your brand commitment to good hygiene and customer well-being.

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DOOH Media Sanitizer 1-FS.png

Product Dimensions


Key Features

  • All Metal Enclosure design for commercial / industrial use

  • Android 7.1, RK3288, 2GB RAM, 8GB storage

  • Auto - Sensor Controlled Dispenser for No-Touch Operation

  • High Capacity 2000ML on 15.6 and 5000ML on 21.5inch

  • Easy Refill. Light sensor will show Full/ Medium/Empty Status

  • Battery optional to supply power

  • Camera optional

  • Full HD 1080 Display

  • USB, HDMI and SD Input Ports

  • Robust  and easy to use CMS (DOOH Media Studio)

  • 24/7 Usage 

  • 1.3 Gallon Sanitizer Capacity (5X normal)

  • Waterproof Casing

  • Sanitizer Level Indicator

  • Toughened Glass


DOOH Media Sanitizer Duet_edited 3-cutout.png

Our Digital Sanitizer Displays have a touchless hand sanitizer that is ideal for areas such as entrances to buildings and common areas or at strategic points in high traffic zones. The large digital display offers dynamic messaging that is fully customizable to the audience and/or the area that the kiosk is placed. The touchless hand sanitizer and optional temperature check provide important safety functionality for visitors in these areas.

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